Thursday, September 6, 2012

Black, white and red!

I've been pretty busy all summer with traveling and I haven't had a lot of time to work on quilts. So the other night I pulled out a project that I had started a year or two ago just so I could get my sewing fix. I had most of the pieces cut already so I just needed to finish cutting a few new fabrics that I wanted to add to it and then start putting it together.
Here are the blocks laid out as I was playing around with the layout. I was one block short (you can see the open space at the top) so I took the top row and created a pillow cover with it. I don't have pictures of that one, but.....
I do have pictures of the other pillow cover I created with the extra 5 inch squares I had laying around.
Here is the back. I had a couple squares with roses on them so I used them to extend one side of the flap (its an envelope pillow cover)

I ending up moving some blocks around as I was sewing it together. I ran out of time when I was about halfway done so its still laying in the middle of the living room. I'll finish it next time I am at my house....which might be a week or two...