Friday, July 6, 2012

My first quilt pattern, test #1

When I was in Yuma a few months ago, I drew up a simple quilt design that I wanted to try someday. I've drawn up patterns before and I've always wanted to try them but this time I actually bought the fabric that I wanted to use and got to work.

The fabric is from Connecting Threads and I love it. I've bought fabric from them before but this is the first time I have worked with it. (I really need to work through my stash, but that's another post....)

This is one of the units. I need to adjust the measurements a little, notice the bottom strip is just a little off...

Here are the other units while I was finishing them up.

All 4 units put together in to one block.

And a couple blocks laid out to see how they look together.

I ended up buying more of this fabric and I sashed the blocks with some tan. I am now thinking about adding a border but I'm not 100% sure about that yet. Once I get home I will add some more pictures of this one, I would love some feedback on any changes I should make. I think I am going to adjust the measurements and pick out some more contrasting colors to do a second test run.

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